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Morass for Diana Salgar escort wrote:
Anyway, you had a dud here. He seems to be playing you, so move on. see the review
Rousset for Kaienat escort wrote:
He said: what do you mean? see the review
Megalli for Dahae escort wrote:
Meanwhile location shows that he actually drove home since my "liar" text. He was at the other location for over 4 hours. That's not how long it takes to get food. see the review
Faulker for Mylenka escort wrote:
I cringe as I read this. You haven't been knowing him long enough to track his where-a-bouts. He probably thinks you're a bunny boiler at this point. see the review
Curiosa for Lurbia escort wrote:
Lol ! That’s just funny 😆 see the review
Riots for Katarina Alexandra escort wrote:
Looks like he beat you to the punch see the review
Breiman for Napich escort wrote:
But it’s for the better since you textchim and he did lie and say he was at home when he wants.. oh well another crime solved thanks to facespace see the review
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